Happy Summer!! It’s officially here. We are wishing lots of sunshine and summer fun your way! Aves and I are spending our summers on the North Eastern Coast! Aves is soaking up the Duxbury sun, while I enjoy the coast of Maine and the Lake life in Sunapee, NH. We are both killing it with the “Kayla Itsines” workout program, and eating our way back into shape! Next weekend Avery is coming to splash around Lake Sunapee with me and celebrate my birthday!! We hope y’all are kicking off this summer month with ice cream (our favorite), the beach, boating, and if you haven’t already Maine Lobster Rolls!! (You won’t regret it.) Thankfully, separation anxiety has not gotten the best of us YET and we have been working away. Avery is scooping lots of ice cream and helping her mom out with the MA County Sheriff`s election, and I am nannying and working at a Real Estate Agency.  We can hear what we call the ‘King Street Call’ all the way from Charleston. It is also known as our favorite stores, and restaurants calling our names, but mostly our money making our summer jobs that much more important 😉 And you know what they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”…Chuck, ‘we miss you’ is an understatement! Stay tuned for the fun we’re about to have with ‘crushonchuck’!! XO

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