5 Things We Miss About Chuck


  1. Well obviously each other! We would say we miss running downtown but there is a reason we miss running; We both make each other run.  I mean we feel
    better after we take full advantage of the battery views but keep in mind we are dripping in sweat and can barely speak. In other words, we miss each other.
  2. Late Night Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits! 2 reasons: obviously the biscuits are heavenly and the North totally failed the biscuit name for us…but the guy that works there has the most PERFECT eyes. Like wow. We know that you know
    exactly what guy we are talking about.
  3. Being able to walk everywhere! In Chuck, cars are not a necessity. We miss stepping outside into a city that has everything we could possibly want (and MUCH more) within walking distance. Also the scars on our feet from facing Chuck in heels are slowly wearing away indicating that we are getting weaker…
  4.  Thursday Nights. Enough said.
  5.  The Charleston shuffle. Yes, it is embarrassing if you are the person that consistently trips in front of everyone (cough cough Avery). It really is a true problem that happens to be hilarious. (Below is post Aves falling, but don’t worry she’s watching her step now. You should too!)

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