Visit Without Killing the Bank

Charleston is absolutely a place of luxury; however, you can enjoy its luxuries without killing your bank. We do it all the time!!

  1. Picnic By the Battery: Pack up your favorite snacks from home, a blanket and some sunglasses and enjoy the beautiful water views and people watching downtown. 
  2. Go For a Jog: Grab your sneaks and explore all the historic architecture–believe me it will be a positive distraction!
  3. Dive into the Market: Taste the scrumptious samples & be entertained by street performers.
  4. Beach It: Charleston is surrounded by many beaches: Folly, Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island. Take advantage.
  5. Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge: Take a walk and see the City from an entirely different perspective.   
  6. Marion Square: Grab a frisbee and some friends.
  7. King Street: Bring a coffee and window shop along the famous King St.
  8. The Cistern Yard: Get on campus and read a book in the most peaceful get away
  9. Art: Visit the art galleries along Broad Street! 
  10. Charleston Public Library: A beautifully structured, old building that is worth a visit. 



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