Motivation Monday

When we experience life’s ups and downs, it is easy to dwell on the downs rather than focusing on the ups. A great way to stay happy is to gain motivation from your surroundings. We are blessed to live in the “greatest city in the world” where the motivation and good vibes are endless. Here are some of our favorite Charleston cheer-ups…

  1. The Battery Homes: If you have been to the Battery, you know how stunning the homes overlooking the water are. Strolling down the battery motivates us to study hard so someday maybe we can afford one of those mind blowing houses.
  2. King Street Goodies: As we said before, the “King Street Call” is SO real. Walking down King Street reminds us of how many different things we can treat ourselves with. So many times we’ve been bribed to stay in and study, or go to the gym by the thought of rewarding ourselves with a new outfit or a cookie from King Street Cookies. It also motivates us to save our money, so we can spend it on things we really want at a shop on King Street.
  3. The WeatherIn Charleston, the weather feels like summer 3 out of the 4 seasons of the year. Besides the passing rainstorms, the weather is usually sunny and warm. This weather motivates us to go for runs outside, and to head to the gym and eat healthy so we will feel good going to the beach all year round.
  4. Happy People: Charleston has this mood-lifting effect on people. The atmosphere of the entire city is very uplifting and contagious. In the south strangers always stop to smile or say hello, and it’s hard to be in a bad mood surrounded by such a warm place and warm people.
  5. The Night Life: Nothing is more exciting than the busy, bustling night life in mid-city Charleston. The city offers a variety of entertainment opportunities including live music, bars, casual diners, fancy eateries, and rooftop views. Living amidst the hustle and bustle of the excited people makes you want to get out of the house and socialize!
  6. Our Pals: Nothing motivates a person more than being surrounded by people who love and support them. From best friends, to other students, to shop owners, to strangers on the street, the feeling of being accepted in a safe, happy place is more motivating than anything else.

To a happy & healthy week!!


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