Livin’ by the Water

A little more about us…

Although we both live near different bodies of water, the shore has always been a special place for both of us. Living near the water has impacted us so much that as you can see we followed the coast down South. From the rocky coast of Maine, to Lake Sunapee, to Duxbury Beach, to Folly Beach, there are so many reasons why we love being from places on the water.

Ave: The ocean will always be home for me. I know I’m not going to be able to live anywhere else. I’ve seen other parts of the world’s oceans, but since I was raised in Duxbury, MA, I’ll forever be an east coast girl. These are some of my favorite things about living a five minute drive away from the seashore…

  1. That “salty air” smell.
  2. It is an escape.
  3. The beach is beautiful in good and bad weather.
  4.  I get to drive across the longest wooden bridge in the country everyday!
  5. A place to go that never gets old

G:  I love the immensity of the ocean, and the Maine coast, but I will admit I am more of a lake girl.  I have been blessed with a friendly get away my entire life along Lake Sunapee. Although Charleston is my new home, and I am completely obsessed with it (as you can tell), Lake Sunapee will always be my first love. I learned a lot on that lake whether it was the smaller things like: swimming, water skiing, or biking to the better things like: turning friends into family & family into friends, being yourself, and taking in the true beauty we’ve been handed. These are some of my favorite things about living on the lake…

  1. I absolutely adore sunsets. I have seen many, but none as beautiful as Lake Sunapee’s.
  2. The energy on the lake, there is always constant laughter, commotion, excitement and fun that echoes all day & night.
  3. The peace, and I don’t mean peace as in quiet, everyone is peaceful in the sense that they are content and relaxed.
  4. Storms: when it thunders and lightening strikes the lake puts on quite the show.
  5. Family, Lake Sunapee brings my family together, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.40.22 AM

In the waves in the water 



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