Road Trip Essentials 

Road trips are an experience whether they are 2 hours or 16…nonetheless there are some true necessities before you embark on an adventure via car. Today, I start my travel to Charleston from Maine. I will have lots of pictures from my Dad and I’s long trek (mostly humorous I’m sure) so keep your eyes out! Below are some road trip tips from a girl who wants to help you survive the long haul to wherever the world may take you: 

1. You need snacks. You tell yourself that you will just grab something on the go, but you must consider two things: one will your driver or passenger allow you to stop, and two is that stop wasting your precious time? 

2. Music. Whether you plan on a sing along or not: music keeps you awake, lively, and distracted. 

3. Water. We all try and avoid bathroom breaks; however, that leads to dehydration which leads to a headache which leads to a cranky travel buddy. 

4. Magazines. Everyone loves to catch up on gossip, dream about real estate, or do a little shopping. 

5. GPS. There are always those people who are positive about where they are going and all of sudden they are lost…why take that chance? Be prepared. 

6. A phone charger. Admittedly maps are not my strong point, especially when I’m in a panic about being lost. Make sure your phone is charged so it can help navigate you. Better safe than sorry. 

7. A traffic station or phone app. Traffic can put a real damper in the day. It is easy to look ahead so you can re route if necessary. 

8. A blanket. You never know when your travel buddy is going to blast you into the arctic with the AC. Stay warm. 

9. Headphones. There will come a point in time after about 4 hours where you can no longer all agree on a single choice of music (or you just don’t want to converse with anyone else around you.) 

10. A positive, ready-to-go, lively attitude. Sometimes cafine is needed. It’s no fun to travel with a grump. 

Buckle up! 


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