October is that month that hits, and you realize summer is most definitely gone. In September you still feel a sense of freedom, and plenty of left over summer sun. October is the real start to fall. School picks up, and it feels as though that sense of endless freedom has vanished entirely. However, being busy is not a bad thing at all, especially when you live in Charleston, South Carolina. Admittedly, we have our faces glued to textbooks, and we spend ungodly amounts of time in the library, but do not let us fool you we always make room for some fun! We are getting excited for halloween as much as any other college student this time of year. The camaraderie on campus is always fun to participate in, and “Hallo-week” is one of the most well-known college weekends. October, is what we call our “on the go” month. It feels like we run around downtown from class, to work, to the gym, grocery store, social events, and back around all over again. Throughout these daily adventures that often lead to complete exhaustion, we do try to stay happy and healthy.

The best places to stop by when you are on the go this October (whether you need some new fashionable pieces, or a bite to eat to keep you going):

House of Sage (not far from campus and has the cutest finds)

Beech (our NEW favorite place for acaí bowls!)

The Editor (a boutique with all you could ask for: clothes, stationary, jewelry & decor)

Whisk (smoothie treats are always satisfying on a hot day of studying) 

Queen Street Grocery (a peaceful corner to enjoy some lunch or coffee) 

We know everyone is busy, and stress levels are high, but take some time to remember where you are. The best part of a crush is the novelty of everything, so we encourage you to go somewhere new with Chuck, live a little. 

Happy October!


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