Hurricane Party OUT of Charleston

As many of you are aware, on Tuesday afternoon the College of Charleston sent out a mass alert advising all students to evacuate the city, due to Mr. Hurricane Matthew. The truth is, to us having a hurricane means no school, and no school equates to no obligations, and with no obligations…well you know where we are going. We doubted the severity of the storm, and didn’t think it was completely necessary to evacuate. However, we  looked out of our window on St. Philips street, and saw that the traffic to evacuate Charleston was bumper to bumper to get on the highway. This made us think twice about attempting to stick it out during hurricane Matthew. So sure enough, we packed our things and piled in a car as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the trip out of Charleston was not as easy as one might think. The gas stations on the peninsula were completely out of gas, forcing us to venture into Mount Pleasant where we found a station with one tank of gas left. We waited in a line of 10 cars! We love our city, and are praying hurricane Matthew sees how beautiful our churches, restaurants, homes, and streets are. I mean, we’re the best city in the world who’d want to mess with us? Once Matthew gets a taste of our shrimp and grits, visits pineapple park, devours a sugary praline, and understands how truly hospitable we are he will see we are worthy of our number 1 title, and most definitely meet of our level of category 1 (not category 4).



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