Hello Everyone!! We are well aware that sharing your crush isn’t always ideal…especially in college; however, we truly believe this one should be shared with y’all. We are most DEFINITELY head over heals for Charleston, SC ! ‘crushonchuck’ is the product of two North Eastern gals who ventured down South and fell in love with: the scrumptious food, captivating atmosphere, hot climate, quaint homes, indescribable views, free pralines (the best samples around) and so much more. Admittedly, the North East still holds a special place in our hearts so we will give you a taste of our family and fun back home too. Please indulge in our recipes, try the best local food places,  see the way we view health, visit our travels and share our adventures.  We hope our big ‘crushonchuck’ rubs off on you…

Aves & G